Work Packages

The network value chain addresses three integrated phases: connect, develop, and scale-up. 

  • Connecting the three institutions and their researchers working on the migration-urban nexus to discuss, share, and generate innovative perspectives (WP1, 2)
  • Developing the ideas through workshops, conferences, summer and winter schools, staff exchanges that focus on the challenging migration-urban nexus (WP2, 3, 4, 5)

Targeting peer learning and joint activities among the Consortium members to generate best or high-impact practices (WP6, 7)



Work Package Title

Short Name


WP1 Project Management and Coordination


Entails the project’s management and coordination activities, connected to the handling of all the administrative, scientific, technical, financial, ethical and legal aspects of the project
WP2 Research Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer


Enhancing the research potential of researchers and staff through trainings, thematic workshops/seminars, summer/winter schools

WP3 Research Management Capacity Enhancement


Enhancing the research management potential through trainings on research management, accessing research funding, key transferable skills for research management like diversity, equity, and inclusion and women in science webinars

WP4 Research Mobility


Enhancing the research capabilities of the researchers and research officers with multi-disciplinary expertise through incoming and outgoing fellowship programs

WP5 Exploratory Research Design among BROAD-ER partners: Towards collaborative research excellence


Desk research and a review of the literature, fieldwork and data collection, production of research outputs through reports and scientific conferences

WP6 Innovation and IPR Management


Development and submission of proposals for national and international research funding, post-project development and sustainability plan, innovation and intellectual property rights

WP7 Dissemination and Communication


Raise awareness on, communicate and disseminate the project’s value propositions and results in high-impact journals and
Increase the visibility of the project’s excellence and business potential to the general public and youth