BROAD-ER Wednesday Seminar Series – Fall 2023 – to register click here

BROAD-ER Wednesday Seminar Series – Fall 2023

In-Person and Online Participation If you are not affiliated with Koç University and wish to attend in person, please register and send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Registration is required for both online and in-person attendance of participants not affiliated with Koç University.

MiReKoc is delighted to invite all interested participants to join us for the upcoming MiReKoc-BROAD-ER Wednesday Seminar Series, organized under the BROAD-ER Project.

This year, the Seminar Series promises to be a thought-provoking and insightful event, as it brings together a group of exceptional researchers and stakeholders to deliberate on themes central to the BROAD-ER Project (Bridging the Migration and Urban Studies Nexus). As an EC-funded Twinning Project, BROAD-ER aims to build a Research Excellence Network that fosters interdisciplinary research and training at the nexus of migration and urban studies. BROAD-ER is a collaboration between Pompeu Fabra University in Spain, the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Koç University in Turkey. Its main goal is to close the research gap within the European Research Area (ERA) by establishing innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, while also increasing research and innovation capacities in Turkey in emergent fields of migration and urban studies.

Engage in meaningful dialogue and gain invaluable insights from experts in the field. We look forward to welcoming you to the Seminar Series.

Let’s come together and bridge the migration and urban studies nexus!

The schedule of the Webinar is as follows:

– Murat Güvenç, 8 NOVEMBER, “Migration and Urban Studies: An Overview”

– Elif Erişen, 29 NOVEMBER, “Exploring the Ultimate Attribution Error: A VR Study on Natives, Immigrants, and Perceptual Salience”

– Hande Güzel, 13 DECEMBER, “’You won’t come across any happy foreigners here: The Case of Immigrant Doctors and Doctor-Patient Relationship in Turkey”

– Nihad El-Kayed, 20 DECEMBER, “Spatial Power Dynamics in the Context of Refugee Migration”

– Nergis Canefe, 27 DECEMBER, “New Faces of Statelessness in MENA”

– Nilay Kavur, 3 JANUARY, “NGOs in Turkey in the midst of the State, the UN, the EU, and Donors”

– Elif Topal, 10 JANUARY, “Migrants in a small city of Turkey: On the edge of coexistence”

To participate in the Seminar Series, ALL ATTENDEES are required to register in advance via the following link:

Please note that the Seminar Series will be held in a hybrid format, offering both in-person and online attendance options.

To join the webinar in person, please come to SOS143, College of Social Sciences at Koç University on Wednesdays at 12 pm. If you are not affiliated with Koç University and wish to attend in person, please register and send an e-mail to [email protected]